richest country in world inflicts starvation on poorest

Your king is fat as a elephant, but ensures the youngest infants in your poorest neighbor has a massive food shortage due to closing the only port in rebel-held Yemen. May the dogs and lions of the desert feast on Saudi caracasses. The whole lot of them.

Props to the female American journalist who went undercover in Houthi-held Yemen to bring us these videos.

Gotta donate $100 to the World Food Programme. God have mercy on us all.


this is what a real country does

‘Spider-Man’ Scales Building To Save Dangling Child; Macron Offers Him Citizenship


"Bravo," said Macron, nodding with awe. For his "heroic act," Macron said Gassama would be rewarded with papers to allow him to stay in France legally, French citizenship if he wants it — and that the Paris firefighters brigade would welcome him with a job.