Books to Read

Required Reading:

Before and After Socrates, by F.M. Concordlink 

The Sacred and the Profane, Mircea Eliade — fundamental thesis that religious time is vertical (i.e. Religious holidays recreate past acts & events in the present.)

The Question of Palestine, Edward Said

1984, George Orwell

Brave New World, Aldous Huxley

also see “Amusing Ourselves to Death” by Neil Postman — link

The Baghavad Gita— link, but don’t subscribe to everything this translator/ guru says

Sufis: People of the Path, by Osho

Travelling the Path of Love: Sayings of Sufi Masters — link

The End of Days, Gershom Gorenberg

Nostradamus 1999, Stefan Paulus

From Beirut to Jerusalem, Thomas Friedman

God Has 99 Names, Judith Miller

Tipping Point, Malcolm Gladwell

also by same author, Blink and Outliers

The Black Swan, Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Madness and Civilization, Michel Foucault

Science and Sanity, Alfred Korzybski

Godel, Escher, and Bach, David Hofstadter

Atlas Shrugged & The Fountainhead, Ayn Rand – for her ideals, and then reject them

Amusing Ourselves to Death, Neil Postman– link

Current Reading:

Shamans, Sorcerers, and Saints: The Pre-History of Religion, Brian Hayden

The Master and Margarita, Mikhail Bulgakov

Maxims for Manhood, Jeff Wilser

Karmayogin, Sri Aurobindo

The Decline and Fall of the British Empire (1781-1997), by Piers Brendon Weekly Parsha  link

Temple & Contemplation by Henry Corbin — (search

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