god bless douglas macarthur


I was watching this Charlie Rose interview with Richard Haas, and it was very insightful how Pres. Trump reassured the Saudis that he had their back 100%, but the Europeans did not have any reassurance of a similar kind.

But then he was talking about trumps policy on the Korean Peninsula and I thought it was in very insightful how he said that neither China nor the South want war on the peninsula and everything that entails. Which led me to realize that I didn’t know much about the Korean War, even though I have a really good friend who is based there and faces real-world consequences of American foreign policy.

Watching this documentary on the Korean War, beginning with the Soviets and Americans meeting on the peninsula to drive out the Japanese at the end of World War II, but then the war really became the first shot of the Cold War. Ironically it continues despite the fact that the Cold War ended 30 years ago with the collapse of the Soviet Union.

That war was won and lost so many times, I don’t know if it was worse to have died or lived it through it.

It’s a cold mountainous country, the worst Battlefield to march in it seems. The Soviets and Americans ostensibly left at the end of the war, but with puppet regimes in place. It soon turned into bloodshed and bloodbath. For ideology alone, Koreans gunned each other down mercilessly.

— MacArthur surprise attack on Incheon was against the advice of his top brass. And they all expected major casualties, but he managed to retake the port and crucial supply line with a loss of only 20 UN forces. Without it, we would have never taken Seoul back.

— I was wondering just this morning, should I really celebrate Memorial Day, since the US has not been at war with Mexico or Canada in well over a century and a half? Shouldn’t we only really need a police force, and not really a military , and certainly not at its present size and budget?

This documentary, and I’m only 2/3 through, reminded me that US troops have not only secured our freedom, but for people the world over.

Happy Memorial Day. I’ll go lay a wreath at a tombstone later.

— also fascinating, when the Chinese Assault on Seoul came, and US-UN forces were again backed into a corner, MASH field hospital units, (women working side-by-side), saved 25% more men and returned them to Battlefield, than were returned in World War II. We were so losing that by the time the Chinese assault came, they needed every man that could get on the front line, and the improved military field medical techniques really made a difference in winning.

Go watch Mel Gibson’s “Hacksaw Ridge”. Military medics are God’s people.

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