Samantha Bee broke it down pretty well

Another note of irony, I was just reading Clinton had a fundraiser this summer at the Broadway theatre where the Hamilton show is performed. $100,000 for two tickets to see Hamilton with Sec’y Clinton. The campaign bought out the whole theatre. I think dinner may have been included.

–Obama’s Sec’y of Treasury Jack Lew recently saved the $10 Hamilton bill to be renovated, ostensibly because of the hit Broadway show. Right-wing free market think tanks and liberals were encouraging lower-income inner city classes to go and see the show. It’s a great glorification of America, I hear, so the right endorses it whole heartedly as well.

I just learned yesterday, Hamilton and Madison invented the electoral college, intended them to be wise Socratic philosopher-kings who selected and voted for the man (ahem) who they thought could lead best. No influences whatsoever, after the states selected whomever to go and vote for president (on the first Wednesday after the second Tuesday of December, according to the Constitution). Both were outraged that, in practice, the electors would cast their vote together for the same person in order to band their influence.

== So while this Democratic party, selling a Broadway play on a rags-to-riches immigrant tale, while also having majority- black and brown actors, (but as I recently learned, not a single free or enslaved colored character in the show) — Hamilton invented the highly philosophical and noble-intentioned electoral college which has stolen elections from Democrats twice in two decades now.

Lawrence O’Donnell was saying, in every other country, in every other race, the popular vote is THE VOTE.

By AFarooqui

I write about the dichotomies present in religion, gathered mostly from discussions with average Jews, Christians, Muslims and atheists.

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