Eid sermon today

I heard the masjid director make a point before the prayer. He was informing the congregation, easily the largest of the year, requiring 3 jamaats (sessions) of prayer to fit everyone in the surrounding area, otherwise the most people come to pray is on Fridays.

He was describing the box for donations for Syrian refugees and said, “Muslims are fleeing Muslims, and non-Muslims are taking them in, welcoming them. We should think about that for a second.”

I’m glad the irony was not lost on him and he chose to say it to the crowd.

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Trove of human ancestor fossils

NOVA is streaming this on PBS.org, set to air next week on TV, but a National Geographic camera crew got a glimpse at the most astonishing hominid fossil find in 50 years. Id say Its almost like the missing link between us and australopithicus.