Never work for money

People always say,”whatever you do best, don’t do it for free”. I disagree with that because if you do it best, you do it for reasons than money. For example, I have a deep knowledge of Star Trek the next generation. I also love 90s rap and anything related to religion, politics or cultural. I think those things, like helping people, should be above limitations of money. This might be very ideal. And I am. But also the problems we face are not to be overcome with spending. For Arabs and Israelis to live together, or shoplifting to decrease, or seniors to have food and shelter assistance, this will require the national conscience (including elites at the New York Times, senate, White House, governors and attorney generals and sheriffs and judges across the country) to come together across the country and solve problems , like stopping mortgage foreclosure and finding housing and employment and medical care for people. As hospitals shutter in poorer neighborhoods, they open up in richer ones. Free clinics are needed to replace the lack of coverage in those communities, why not take the equipment and offer the hospital conglomerate a tax break because the rich people surely wouldn’t mind all new equipment in their hospital? Cops need to stop arresting homeless people and pot smokers. Protesters need to stop being violent, but it would help if the cops weren’t rough whenever a camera wasn’t looking. suburbanites need to stop eating so much food. We should ban high fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated fats. We go to church (or respective equivalent) free, we volunteer for sports or music, constantly dedicating ourselves to projects which will get us into monetary loss, like knitting, or Pilates , or train collecting. We hoard books, movies, or tv shows. We are fascinated and endlessly feeding our imagination. So when someone tells me not to do something unless its for money, my rule is usually, “never work for money”.

God is bigger than money. Either you believe that or you don’t. (Atheists can replace that with humanism.)

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