Quran 9:128

I begin a new journalism enterprise with the name of God, and his beloved messengers and saints, may we be included among the righteous servants of God.


election map for tomorrow

this is the best map we have for tomorrow. let’s hope there aren’t too many surprises. I think VA will go red, but everything else should be good.

it will be very interesting to see how closely the polls match the reality.

rcp 110512

New York will never be the same

This hurricane, I think, civilization’s almost over. It cost $60 billion in damage, second in US history only to Hurricane Katrina. I’m thinking the subways along the Far Rockaway coast will not be rebuilt. That’s people who won’t be able to get to the city, get to work every day. Those parts of New York will effectively be evacuated.

I went with my dad to get gas.

There are cops guarding the gas stations.


They’re worried people might break out into fights, so they have law enforcement making sure people don’t cut the lines for gas.

There’s police ticker tape.

There’s even cop cars watching from the back of the line.

And directing traffic when you’re done.

America can’t survive like this. They’re not telling us how bad it is, but parts of New York will be uninhabitable for the majority of people without a connection to the city.