Culture Occupy Thesis

Everything in Capitalism is a Lie

Everything in capitalism is a lie. From religious holidays to advertising and notions of beauty, as well as religion and politics. The model you see is not only Photoshopped, but their voice is dubbed over on television; so the result is a deceptive presentation of a seductive personality, and not even a real person. Their words are lies; “we save the most on gas”, “supplies are limited, so call now”, “our clinically-proven formula” — all of this is legal under our bourgeois legal system, where lies in marketing and political campaigns are considered protected free speech. Plato believed metaphor should be regulated by the State, it was too powerful to leave in the hands of every businessman and quack who passed by. Every ad I walk pass on the subway, I note the incredible deception and depth psychology in use. “Hi, I’m Sal. What can Consumer Affairs do for you today?” — Under Mayor Bloomberg, the Department of Consumer Affairs has become a profit center for the City of New York, where agents can fine small businesses for every mislabelled price and common mistakes such as forgetting to give a receipt. Although these laws were enacted for the customer, and consumers should be protected in a large city from store owners who are cheats — the real purpose is to raise money for cash-strapped city services on the backs of the middle class and small business instead of Wall Street.

A healthcare agency brags, “A new team is here in New York.” — A new brand of opportunists is here to exploit people.

A law firm claims, “We fight for millions of dollars for disabled children.” — They will take minimum 50% of your settlement upon winning in court. Disabled children has nothing to do with it, other than that’s how they manipulate the jury.

It turns out the subway ads offering “Free Abortion Alternatives” is financed by religious fundamentalists who will harass and berate a women for thinking about an abortion, without actually providing her with any medical care or abortion alternative.

And don’t get me started on those private colleges, Kaplan University, DeVry, Bramsonort, etc., which promise to give you a high-paying degree as a medical assistant or criminal justice clerk — all of them have been busted for taking in people just for the federal aid they qualify, especially for veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. These are the people they exploit.

I hate that I will get a smile for money. A smile while I am taken advantadge of. This hurts more than the exploitation. It’s that you smile at me and shake my hand while you do it. Believe me, that doctor who promises to clear up your skin is no good. If he was good, he wouldn’t have to advertise on the subway.

Diamond commercials promise a man that his potential spouse will be ecastic if you buy your ring from them. It doesn’t matter if you’re always checking your iPhone instead of talking to her, just buy the diamond and everything will be alright.

I guarantee you any excerpts from a review by a critic that a film puts in its trailer is out of context. I know a film or book will be terrible if the selected excerpt is something like “edge-of-your-seat action”. I once saw a quote recommending a book (a new incarnation of the Bourne trilogy), “The rogue spy is one of the best characters in the genre.” — It didn’t even praise the book, it just praised the character as being one of the best in the category.

By AFarooqui

I write about the dichotomies present in religion, gathered mostly from discussions with average Jews, Christians, Muslims and atheists.

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