The Incorporation of Shiite Worship

“Sincere worship transforms the notion of the Absolute into a concrete reality that imparts to the soul an existential impetus, a spiritual resource, which buttresses, stabilizes, and deepens one’s moral life. What is derived from the consciousness of a divine reality is not so much a philosophy of ethics as a “spiritual morality”, an ethical orientation that is both the consequence of a lived spirituality and the cause of continuous, dynamic, and ever-deepening realization of spiritual truth.

Virtue in such a perspective becomes a “moral truth” or “moral realism”, understanding by a realism, an assimilation of spirituality, and ethical behavior that translates truth into action, on all planes, individual, social, and political.”

from The Sacred Foundations of Justice, by M. Ali Lakhani.

By AFarooqui

I write about the dichotomies present in religion, gathered mostly from discussions with average Jews, Christians, Muslims and atheists.

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