Wolves are Family Animals

I was watching a Nature documentary, of which I am a big addict of. And i learn so much about human behavior, and biological behavior that I (as an intellectual) lose track of, I am addicted to these documentaries.

In the Valley of the Wolves — there’s a wolf pack which benevolently presides over a plentiful valley. They are headed by an alpha couple, an aging male and female, who do most of the hunting. But once the hunt is over, all 12 members of their pack join in on the carcass. And then the birds (magpies, ravens) are free to feed on the meat as well. And even another wolf pack which roams the area is welcome to food.

A black wolf comes along, a veritable omega (Ω). The parents are not happy to see him — but their daughter is. She frolicks with him briefly, joyous upon seeing him, until he is chased away by her father, the alpha male. The omega returns, and requests to join the pack (having been estranged from his own). This time, three daughters dance around him, hoping to convince their parents to let him join. His membership admission is denied, and he slinks away, dejected.

The old female will be dead in a week. Both wolf leaders are past their prime. Another wolf pack suddenly comes over the valley, and kill the female, and expel our wolf pack from having a presence in the valley. They now dominate this territory, and have dispossessed the previous inhabitants.

Things are not as pleasant with the new rulers. This wolf pack refuses to let other wolves and creatures eat from their kill. One wolf from a weaker clan merely takes a bite out of the carcass, when the other pack is stuffed from their hunt. But when they see the transgression on their kill, six wolves chase the transgressor, clamping down upon his body, showing no mercy. The victim was accompanied by a female, who must flee without her mate.

WHEN SPRING COMES, the evil wolf pack’s pups are emaciated, dying, victims of a disease spreading through the northeast. Three-quarters of the pups will die by next spring.

SUDDENLY, another wolf pack comes into the valley. They kill the alpha and several other males. They proceed to a cave where the wolf den is. The surviving wolves dare not stop them from approaching, where the attackers sit outside patiently for three days. After laying seige to the entrance of the cave for three days, all the wolf pups inside have died of starvation, unable to access food. The attackers leave, going back wherever they came from, over the valley.

NEXT SPRING, the good wolf pack which was dispossessed of the valley returns, with at least two dozen children. And they are lead by none other than our black omega wolf who was refused membership earlier. He went on to reproduce litters for the pack, and *their young have grown up quite healthy.

TO ME, this documentary shows several thing. First, the MAGNIFICENT GLORY OF GOD, in that when no one is watching (save PBS filmmakers with three years of observation funding), righteousness always triumphs. Just like the Bible says, the seed of the righteous (Abraham) will “be fruitful and multiply”, while various plagues and calalmities will befall the children of the wicked (Pharaoah and Nimrod).

Second, the omega male is the rightful ruler of human societies.

Third, that omega wolf pack which starved the evil pack’s children was the manifestation of God’s justice, or the avatar of Vishnu that vanquishes the unrighteous (see Jesus’ Second Coming, or any Madhi/Redeemer prophesy). They literally came from nowhere, and went back after the mission was complete.

Fourth, that nature mimicks religion, in that the struggle for the throne is as old as the earliest human myths — but specifically, the Mahabharat, which is a battle between the noble Pandavas and the wicked Kaurav stepbrothers.

Fifth, humans are territorial (like the evil wolf pack), but living in modern society, we have become detached from these instincts. Now, $600,000 will get you a piece of real estate that is indisputably yours — when was the last time someone occupied your apartment? — I think we should get less serious about property rights, like the wolves who let the birds and other wolf packs eat from their spoils of the hunt.

By AFarooqui

I write about the dichotomies present in religion, gathered mostly from discussions with average Jews, Christians, Muslims and atheists.

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