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Mahmoud Abbas is Either Criminal or Stupid

Mahmoud Abbas presides over the lowest point in Palestinian political life in 50 years. After Edward Said’s death in 2003, the Palestinian movement has experienced a steady decline in its ability to elicit international sympathy and achieve liberation. The Oslo Accords declared peace would come from Washington’s tutelage; now the Obama Doctrine declares that peace will come from the UN.

Declaring a Palestinian state via the Security Council is a foolish plan, but more importantly, ineffectual. China will no more vote for a new Palestinian state than allow Tibet to be free. If we can fracture ethnic minorities according to General Assembly dictates, alot of countries (including Russia and India, who are both on the Security Council) will be in the awkward position of losing sovereignty over their territory and not having a final say in their own foreign policy.

But as I said, not only will it be a bad idea, it will never likely happen (due to China and Russia and others). So, yet again, the Palestinians will “get egg on their face”, having wasted a humiliating year in a hurrah to create a state, and the inability to organize it in international fora.  Six months of negotiating with the Israelis would yield more if Abbas chooses to build upon the understandings achieved at Taba and Annapolis.

Instead, Abbas whines to the Western press about Obama not willing to put Israel in a corner.

Instead, Abbas forms a unity government with Hamas, to sidestep the “How do we give independence to a divided Palestine?” question that would come up in Security Council discussions. 

Instead, he’s forfeiting all negotiating power and goodwill with the United States and Israel, the only two powers who could possibly give him a Palestinian state.

This man is no one’s friend. Mahmoud Abbas is either criminal, stupid, or Criminally Stupid

From The Daily Beast:

“So for 55 minutes on the phone, Obama first reasoned with and then pressured Abbas to withdraw the resolution. “He said it’s better for you and for us and for our relations,” says Abbas. Then the American president politely made what Abbas describes as a “list of sanctions”. After Abbas informed Obama he wouldn’t withdraw the resolution, Clinton followed up with a 30-minute exhortation of her own. Then more pressure.

Still, Abbas was unprepared for what was coming. Only when he watched the Security Council vote on television did the reality sink in. “I had an idea that they will abstain,” he tells me. “But when they said, ‘Who will be against?’ my friend Susan [Rice] raises her hand.” Abbas shakes his arm and lets out a long hoot. The council’s 14 other members, including France and Germany, all supported the resolution.”

By AFarooqui

I write about the dichotomies present in religion, gathered mostly from discussions with average Jews, Christians, Muslims and atheists.

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